Why choose U-SOYA?

  • We don't compromise on our products quality
  • We focus on customer satisfaction
  • We believe in continuous improvement to meet customer expectation
  • Our price are reasonable
  • We also guarantee our Soya Products are :-
    - Grinded From Canada Class A Soya Beans
    - Non Genetically Modified Organism (Non GMO) Beans
    - No perservative added
    - No thickening Agents, flavouring, flours or cows milk added
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Tau Fu Fah

TFF with Almond Topping 
TFF with Pearl Topping
TFF w Chocolate chip Topping
TFF with Sunflower Topping TFF with Peanut Topping TFF with ChocolateTopping

TFF with Red Bean Topping

TFF with Coffee Topping

Thong Yuan TFF


U-Soya Special Multi Grains